Convenience Measurements-Cianjhen District Household Resistration Office Kaohsiung City
Convenience Measurements

Convenience Measurements

Establishing Information Center Efficient use of human resource, providing better service and making it convenient for citizens.
Receive Every Household Application The unified operational process: after cases received, citizens can be relaxed waiting for the result.
Helping Information Desk Free tea service, guidance, various services, and answering questions.
Helping Facilities Courtesy glasses, magnifying glasses, umbrellas, wheelchairs, baby strollers, and facilities for the disabled.
Recruiting Volunteers Recruiting people acting as the bridge between us and the public and helping accomplish our jobs.
Waiting Area Developing a high quality environment, such as beautiful and greenery place of business, and offering drinks, books, newspaper, and music to make every guest feel at home.
E-Household Registry Affai Computer as a replacement of manual work. By using Household Registration Internet Service, providing governments with various data and better services to the public.
Convenience Measurements
  1. Help senior citizen and the disabled with application for household registry.
  2. Flexible office hours at noon: much more convenient for citizens, and popular for the public.
  3. Application can be done by phone call, mail or E-mail: Inquiring various questions and applying for household registration.
  4. House service: For senior citizens or the disabled, helping them with seal registration and re-issuance of ID card.
  5. Application for ID Cards of school-age children is processed inside respective schools, which is convenient for parents.
  6. Cross-district application for household registry.
  7. Registration of relocation can be processed at a household registration office. No need for moving-out registration.
  8. Using Automatic Attend Machines for quick process. Making everyone’s workload equal.
  9. Sending Wedding cards or Birth cards to show our congratulations and care.10. Director’s Time with You: every Thursday afternoon, from 2 to 4. Helping deal with special cases or legal problems.